Treatments & Fees

We offer a variety of holistic services and practitioners here at Niantic Acupuncture.

Acupuncture Treatments

First Consultation and Acupuncture Treatment – 90 min –  $185.00- Your first consultation and acupuncture treatment may take up to 2 hours. If you have any questions you would like to ask before your first appointment please feel free to call and speak with us.

Follow up Acupuncture Treatment – From $125.00  depending on the complexity of treatment and additional modalities required- Please feel free to call if you don’t see a time that works for you. We definitely have some flexibility with scheduling.


 Cupping and Gua Sha

Cupping –  Cupping is a form of therapy in which special cups are placed on your skin to create suction. It helps with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and general well-being. I is much like a deep tissue massage.
Gua Sha Gua Sha is a technique defined as unidirectional press-stroking of a lubricated area of the body to create transitory petechiae, which removes blood stasis, pain and produces anti-inflammatory effect. It has been shown as well to increased measurable aspects of the immune system for weeks and as well to lower liver enzymes.  In other words it is a wonderful detox and immune booster 

Cupping and guasha are incorporated into your acupuncture treatment visit when needed.

Qi Gong Therapy

Qi Gong Therapy is the most ancient modality in Chinese Medicine. It is based on differential diagnosis rooted in Chinese medical theory.
Through manipulation of energy it restores health and wellness of the client. Qi Gong Therapy combines movement, meditation, and regulation of breathing to enhance the flow of qi (an ancient term given to what is believedto be vital energy) in the body.

1 Hour – $130.00


Ear Acupuncture Treatments (Auriculotherapy)

Auricular acupuncture can be used for a wide range of indications, and it is especially useful to relieve pain, calm the mind, treat allergies and infectious diseases, regulate endocrine system disorders, and treat chronic disease and functional disorders. It is also used for withdrawal syndrome.

Auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture treatment): with Electrostimulation – $50.00, without $25.00 – 
Battlefield Ear Acupuncture Treatment with ASP (semi permanent needles) from $70.00 The BFA needles (more accurately described as tiny conical darts) pierce the ear in designated locations in a particular order.

Please contact us to book these treatment. 860-451-5558 or

Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Therapy can be offered in the form of capsules, tablets, teas, liquid extracts, granuals and powders. 
Chinese herbal medicine takes a holistic approach of diagnosis and treatment of illness.  It seeks to narrow in on the root cause of a specific illness in order to resolve the condition. 
It is an ancient system of healthcare which dates back to more than two thousand years.
Many herbs are now being studied for their therapeutic properties and being increasingly used as treatment. 

1st Herbal Consultation – $185.00 
Follow up Herbal Consultation – $125.00 


Constitutional Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Initial Consultation and Acupuncture Treatment, including Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture – $200.00

$135.00 for Follow up Constitutional Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture. An initial consultation & treatment visit is required in order to choose this option.

Massage Therapy

60 minute massage $100.00
75 minute massage $120.00
90 minute massage $140.00

Payment Options


Insurance and Payment information:


We will accept authorized Worker’s Comp cases.

Health Spending Accounts DO cover Acupuncture and any prescribed herbal fomulas and supplements.

We are not in network with any other insurance companies but will bill as out of network coverage if your policies provides acupuncture coverage out of network. We are able to help you determine your coverage for all companies except Anthem BCBS.

In most cases, even if you think you have out of network coverage we will expect payment on day of service until we are able to confirm your coverage and any applicable deductible and copay. We will reimburse you minus any copay due if your insurance company pays us for your visit.

CT state retirees with Aetna DO have out of network acupuncture coverage. Because we are out of network we charge a $25.00 co-pay.

Anthem BCBS will only provide reimbursement directly to you the patient, so payment for the visit will be required at time of service. It will be your responsibility to determine if Anthem covers acupuncture.

We are not a Veteran services provider at this time.

Cancellation Policy

Your appointment time is reserved just for you. A late cancellation or missed visit leaves a hole in your practitioners’ day that could have been filled by another patient. Therefore, we have a strict set of rules for Massage Appointments.
All massage and 1st consultation with treatment appointments must be cancelled no later than noon the day before your appointment. Cancellation after that will be subject to the FULL FEE for your scheduled appointment unless we are able to fill that space with someone on a waitlist OR you may give your appointment to a friend or family member.

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