Preparing For Your Treatment

During your first visit we will sit together for a complete interview in the relaxed, comfortable environment of my office. We will cover your health history including medications, any herbs and supplements you are already taking. We will discuss the signs and symptoms of the problem bringing you to my office.This first appointment usually lasts ninety minutes. Subsequent appointments are usually for one hour.


We will look at your tongue and feel the pulses in your wrists which will provides us with important information about your condition and constitutional health.

For treatment, you’ll lie down on a comfortable massage table. (Treatment in a chair is always an option if desired) We’ll place acupuncture needles into specific acupoints which correspond to our diagnosis. The insertion of needles is felt differently by everyone. Usually the insertion of needles is quick and painless, but once the needle is inserted, depending on what problem is being addressed, it may be necessary to ‘wiggle’ the needle to get desired results. People coming for stress relief, detox,or emotional support generally get the most ‘gentle’ needling and those with serious pain issues and spasms may need more intense work called Trigger point (also called Dry Needling). No matter what style of treatment is indicated, we will remain considerate and communicative regarding your individual tolerance and boundaries so that we can adjust the treatment accordingly.

Once the needles are in place and you are resting with them, you should NOT be experience any discomfort, something we stress with every single treatment before we leave the room. We make sure you are kept warm with blankets, heat packs, infrared heat lamp to your feet or injured area. We encourage 45 minutes minimum resting with your treatment, but shorter time is also effective. For some who desire, you have the option to rest longer. Most people find the treatment to be very relaxing and tend to fall asleep or meditate during this time.

Quite often, and depending on the condition being treated, in addition to the Acupuncture, We may use other types of treatments such as moxibustion, cupping, electro-acupuncture, or focused massage, called Tuina, as described in the Acupuncture Basics.

Dietary, supplemental, herbal or exercise and stretching recommendations may also be made. We will carefully check for any possible drug/herb interactions.

Your comfort, warmth and ease is of utmost importance to us. We encourage you to ask questions, express concerns, and provide feedback during any stage of your treatment.

Changes in the way you feel may occur subtly over days or rapidly on the same day of treatment. We are reachable after hours to provide support.

Your path to a balanced healthy life