Maggie’s Comprehensive Tick & Lyme Kit

This kit powerful holistic treatment kit with tools, herbs, supplements, and full instructions for first aid in the prevention and treatment of tick bites, Lyme and coinfections.

The following are instructions about what to do if bitten, directions and guidelines for using items in the kit, how to help prevent and treat Lyme or coinfections from a tick bite, enhanced prevention strategies for tick bites, and instructions for treating tick-borne diseases.


Tick bite prevention, Lyme and coinfection prevention

Tick removal and immediate bite treatment

Preliminary treatment of Lyme and potential coinfections



If you are bitten by a tick, begin the protocol below right away to prevent and/or treat Lyme and potential coinfections.

  1. Remove the tick or ticks using enclosed tools. (see p3) Put the tick/s into the plastic tick container included in kit. If you pull ticks from more than one person, keep the ticks separate and label with the person’s name.
  2. Apply all recommended topical treatments in your kit as soon as possible, starting with the clove oil.
  3. Start taking the recommended supplements in your kit as soon as you can.

FOR SYMPTOMS such as bone pain, a flu-like feeling, fever, headache, extreme fatigue, jaw pain, or joint pain/swelling, please contact your doctor immediately. The well-known bulls-eye is indicative of disease but does NOT always appear.

You may also email or call for an appointment with Maggie for comprehensive follow-up and recommendations for additional supplements for your protocol as needed.



  • Lemon eucalyptus bug spray (Deet-free)
  • Lint roller
  • Tick key to remove larger or engorged ticks
  • Tweezers to remove smaller ticks or nymphs
  • Pocket magnifier for visual in clean removal of tick
  • Plastic tick container to save tick and send for testing
  • Envelope to mail tick to the lab of your choice
  • Tick testing lab information and links
  • Clove oil for application to tick bite
  • Antimicrobial Healing Salve to apply to tick bite
  • Clay and goldenseal powder mix to apply to tick bite
  • Ledum palustre homeopathic
  • Mushroom Comprehensive Immune Support Tincture (contains alcohol) An oral immune booster, Lyme and coinfection preventive
  • Colloidal silver to apply to tick bite area and take orally as Lyme/coinfection preventive
  • Japanese Knotweed herbal formula, a strong antimicrobial to prevent and treat Lyme & coinfections (contains alcohol)
  • All packed in your handy portable lime-green cooler bag



This regimen can work as an initial effective antibiotic and antimicrobial for Lyme disease and tick-borne coinfections, covering the time of bite to the time of antibiotic prescription. This course of therapy can keep you safe if antibiotic treatment is not immediately available, or if you cannot take antibiotics.

The regimen can be continued for weeks or months, though recommend contacting Maggie for additional or continued comprehensive treatment.

If you become symptomatic or see a bulls-eye around the bite, consider seeing a doctor right away for antibiotics.

Note: Many doctors are not Lyme-literate or may not be current with acute treatment for tick bites. Feel free to contact Maggie for assistance regarding the use of these supplements and for suggestions to find the care you need.



  1. Remove the tick from the skin.

Depending on the size of the tick, use tick key or tweezers. The goal is to remove the tick with the head intact.

Tick Key for tick removal. If the tick is larger or en-gorged, or is not a tiny nymph, use the tick key. Place it over the tick with the tick in the slot. Pull key away from the tick, sliding flush along skin.

Tweezers & Pocket Magnifier. If the tick seems too small to remove with the tick key, use the magnifier to visualize the site and the pointed tweezers to grasp the body. Pull out in the same the direction it seems to have entered the skin.

Extremely important!! Do NOT squish, apply a hot match, Vaseline, or any other substance onto the tick to get it to back out. This will cause the tick to regurgitate any diseases it may carry back into your body. Do NOT destroy or throw away the tick; place it in the circular plastic tick container.

Tick Container: SAVE THE TICK in the circular plastic container inside the bubble mailing envelope. Keep the tick in case you have symptoms from the bite. If you pull ticks from more than one person, keep the ticks separate and label with each person’s name. You can use a plastic bag or empty bottle with a lid to save additional ticks.

See Tick Testing Options for instructions and potential labs to send your tick(s) for testing. 


  1. Apply topical applications.

Apply all the following recommended remedies as soon as possible once the tick is removed.

Clove oil: Immediately apply clove oil to the bite. Continue to apply several times a day, along with colloidal silver and Comprehensive Healing Salve, for the next week or as long as bite area seems active, alternating or combining these items.

Clay and goldenseal compress: As soon as you are able, mix the bag of clay and goldenseal powder with warm water and/or colloidal silver to the consistency of peanut butter. Apply thickly to the bite and let it dry completely until it flakes off. Apply this clay compress twice a day if the bite seems active. Keep the mixture cool (or in refrigerator) to avoid molding. Reconstitute with water or colloidal silver if mixture dries.

Comprehensive Healing Salve: Apply generously to the bite area, along with the colloidal silver, several times a day.

Colloidal silver: Apply to bite area, along with the healing salve.

Summary of topical application while tick bite is active and visible:

  • Clay and goldenseal compress up to twice a day
  • Clove oil, colloidal silver, and Comprehensive Healing Salve several times a day, alternating or in combination

Maggie has chosen, sourced and tested supplements in this kit for immune support and first-line defense to prevent illness from the bite of an infected tick. Consult with Maggie via email to discuss continuing care for ongoing tick-borne infection (with or without acupuncture treatment).


  1. Take oral remedies as preventive and treatment for Lyme and potential coinfection.

Colloidal silver (250 PPM)Take ½ teaspoon twice a day by mouth. Children under 40 pounds, ½ teaspoon once a day.


Colloidal Silver (250PPm)  – Talk ¼ teaspoon twice a day by mouth. Children under 40 pounds take 1/8 teaspoon once a day.

Ledum palustre homeopathic remedy (30c)Take 2-3 pellets under tongue, every 4 hours. Allow to melt on clean mucus membranes (no water or food 15 minutes before and after taking). Continue taking ledum every 4 hours for 3 days while awake.

Instructions for homeopathics: Turn bottle upside down, turn cap until pellets drop into cap, then drop pellets into mouth without touching pellets or cap. Do not return touched pellets to the bottle.

Host Defense MyCommunity Comprehensive Immunity Tincture (contains alcohol)Take 30 drops (1 full dropper) twice a day to increase preventive immune support.


Host Defense MyCommunity Comprehensive Immunity Capsules – Take 2 Capsules twice a day

Green Dragon Botanicals LB CORE Protocol Liquid (contains alcohol) The day of the bite, take up to 1 teaspoon twice a day. If any symptoms develop, increase the dose up to 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day. Stop LB CORE Protocol if you begin antibiotics. For children under 40 pounds ½ teaspoon twice a day.


Green Dragon Botanicals LB Core Protocol Capsules – The day of the bite start 3 capsules twice a day. If any symptoms develop, increase the dose to 3 capsules 4 times a day.


Please check for allergies to all supplements included in this kit. Speak with your doctor to ensure there will be no contraindications with current medicines or medical conditions.

Allergic reactions: As with all foods, supplements and herbs, if you have any type of reaction, allergic or other-wise, STOP what you think might be the offending item and CONSULT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL.

Pregnancy: As with most drugs, supplements and herbs, please approve this protocol with your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing.

If symptoms appear: Please see a doctor familiar with the treat-ment for insect-borne Lyme/coinfections as soon as possible.

Dosing for children under 40 pounds is noted for some of the remedies, otherwise check for the manufacturer’s recommendations for dosing children.

This treatment is not approved by the FDA. 



Connecticut Dept. of Public Health Tick Testing Laboratory (CAES)

There is no fee but testing of the tick is not guaranteed (especially if it is not engorged) and they may not test for multiple coinfections. Link and instructions:

TickCheck Pennsylvania Tick Testing Laboratory

Tick testing costs about $50 for the basic Lyme test and most frequently occurring coinfections. There are two other tiers of testing that increase in cost.

Link and information:



These supplements can be purchased through our Fullscript program at Niantic Acupuncture. This allows you to order the supplements included at a discount close to Amazon, with the added assurance of ordering from a reputable distributor who serves practitioners and permits a subscription service for our patients. LB CORE Protocol is the exception; it can be ordered directly from Green Dragon Botanicals (or purchased from office if in stock).

The kit includes alcohol-based tinctures for Comprehensive Mushrooms and the LB CORE Protocol. Both are available in nonalcoholic capsule form. Email Maggie to order the nonalcoholic kit (slight cost increase) or to order capsules separately.



Suggestions if you hike or camp frequently, garden, or work in areas with potential exposure to ticks.

Clothing: Consider designating clothing for these activities. Choose light-colored clothing for ticks to be easily seen.

Permethrin*: Spray your clothing, including shoes and socks, tent, and camping equipment with permethrin and let it dry.

  • Once dry, permethrin is effective for 6 weeks or 6 washes.
  • Permethrin works on ticks two ways. First, it is an irritant to ticks; once on permethrin-coated fabric, ticks get “hot feet” and jump off. IF the tick remains on the fabric long enough, permethrin will kill it. (Permethrin is not included in the kit.)

Duct tape: In heavier risk areas, consider wrapping your ankles, tops of shoes and/or socks with inside-out duct tape, to catch any ticks crawling up.

Lint roller: Roll your clothing with a lint roller to catch ticks, either periodically if outdoor exposure is prolonged, or before going indoors.


*Permethrin is a nontoxic to moderately toxic insecticide. Please check for allergies to permethrin and all items included in this kit. Permethrin is not FDA approved.


MYTHS & FACTS about tick bites, Lyme disease, and other tick-borne infections

The current CDC statement that a tick must be attached a minimum of 36–48 hours for Lyme disease bacteria to be transmitted: MISLEADING and FALSE.

-While Lyme disease may be the most prevalent tick-borne infection, it is not the only pathogen carried by blacklegged ticks. Anaplasma, Babesia, Borrelia mayonii, Borrelia miyamotoi, and Ehrlichia bacteria and the Powassan virus are all transmitted by the same tick that transmits Lyme, Powassan within 15 minutes.

-At least nine other tick species in the US are known to transmit pathogens to humans, many within 24 hours. Many pathogens in the rickettsia family, like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, can be deadly if not treated within the first few days.

The classic bull’s-eye rash is the main or only indicator of Lyme disease: FALSE.

-Lyme can be present from a bite even if you do not show a bulls-eye rash; and a bulls-eye rash may not be seen on the scalp or hidden areas. Estimates of Lyme patients showing a rash range from a low of 27% to a high of 80%. In one study, the bull’s-eye rash was present in only 20% of cases.

You only have Lyme disease if your Lyme test is positive: FALSE.

-Multiple studies have shown the two-tiered test for Lyme (ELISA followed by a Western blot) has very high false-negative rates. The test measures our immune response to the bacteria, and Borrelia is masterful at disguising itself and changing its outer surface proteins to evade detection. The good news: You do NOT need to wait for a test result to take the preventive measures supported by this kit.

Myths and facts of Lyme disease with backup studies:

Resources, up-to-date and pertinent information & research: and

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