Do it for yourself! Acupressure points to use to reduce your pain

Ling gu
Da Bai
He Gu

These three points on the hand are probably the most famous for their relief of low back pain and sciatica. They can also help with menstrual pain, headaches, foot pain, knee pain, Bell’s Palsy, TMJ, toothaches, and much more.

Pressing and kneading these points is necessary.

Use the hand on the opposite side of your pain. For example, if you are having sciatica on your left side, press and knead these points on your right hand for several minutes and then move around a bit to test how you feel in the area of pain while continuing to knead the point.

All of these points can help pain generally but in particular:

Ling Gu, the one at the top pertains more to lower body pain from mid back to toes
Da Bai, the lowest point and He Gu, the more centered point between your thumb and forefinger (also known as Large Intestine 4) will have a greater effect on the head, face including dental pain.

Some people may experience a strong reaction to this point – therefore do not use this point while pregnant.

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