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Our Philosophy

Niantic Acupuncture & Family Wellness, LLC is a holistic Health Care practice in which we provide care with an integrative approach.

Acupuncture and Asian Medicine are forms of holistic medical treatments that encourages the body to promote and participate in its own innate ability to naturally self-heal. Acupuncture helps the body to improve and optimally maintain all of its functions, biochemically, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Quite commonly, Acupuncture is thought of as mostly a treatment for pain and frequently is turned to as a last resort. However, in addition to being a superb preventive and maintenance medicine, Acupuncture is an extremely efficient and effective ‘first resort’ treatment and works along with conventional medicine to enhance treatment for a wide variety of health disorders.

​In addition to acupuncture, our office utilizes a variety of treatment modalities including Cupping, Gua Sha, Tuina, and Moxibustion, ‘Dry Needling’ – which the AMA equates to be Acupuncture/trigger point needling.

Acupuncture has become widely integrated with mainstream medicine


  • Many Insurance policies now provide some type of payment for Acupuncture
  • Many Hospitals around the U.S. have complementary medicine departments which utilize acupuncture in the field of pain management, cancer treatment side effects, and much more
  • The effectiveness of Acupuncture is supported by many research studies
  • Acupuncture safely and effectively integrates with all other modalities of health care

Your path to a balanced healthy life